The greenest stage, up to S. Luís

Along the Torgal stream

T1 E8 – Odemira>S. Luís

It was good! Despite the 25 km and the classification as “something difficult”, it was good.

The route is practically all in dirt, but as it follows the Torgal and Capelinha streams and the water lines that serve them, flanked by ash and alders, with oaks and cork oaks, with this lush vegetation we just waited for elves and fairies to appear. .

This was the greenest stage we've ever done, and the water, in some places, the smells, the hum of insects and the singing of birds, reminds us that Alentejo has places that are beyond its stereotype.

Once the enthusiasm is over, let's put the story in order. We are already in duo mode, meaning we are now a couple of adventurous hikers.

We started with a herd of very curious goats, ate our usual dose of arbutus in pills (ie fruit), scared a heron that was in a catch, crossed private properties leaving the gates open or closed as we found them, ate some sandwiches near a wild boar spa (where they wallow) and, in the end, we also had our dose of sun and heat.

Interestingly, the part of the road hit by the sun was full of life. There were lots of blue and orange locusts jumping in front of us, butterflies, praying mantis, lizards, a crow that accompanied us for a while croaking and the traditional cows.

People on the way? Some cars, TT bikes and two older ones younger than me, out of breath running.

And we finished with the minis at Café Gabriela, full of local color.