The difference between birds and birds

Through farms, vegetable gardens and forest, towards the sea, the saga of O Caminhante continues.

T1 E5 – Aljezur>Odeceixe

O menu for today it included 19,5 km, duration of approximately 6 hours, easy and without major gaps… Except when leaving Aljezur, with a climb of 100 meters in the first kilometer. Despite everything done well, it was always in the shade and we were still fresh.

Today there were only three of us, as the marine biologist literally went to the baths, with the obligation to pick us up in Odeceixe.

Remember the watermelons from previous episodes? The last one was eaten at the edge of some pine trees, before reaching Rogil, and I knew it very well because it was already getting hot.

Arriving at Rogil, with a technical stop for coffee and pastel de nata, we continue between farms, vegetable gardens and forest, with various types of floors, in a more humanized landscape. That didn't stop our resident biologist from counting various types of woodpeckers, jays, jays, herons and a round-winged eagle, in addition to several small birds. By the way, you learn the difference between birds and birds: birds are everything that has feathers and birds are the smallest birds.

By courtesy of our biologist, we also saw two types of snake: one was an electricity cable half buried in the ground, and the other, from Carnaval, yellow and red, was scaring passersby in a tree.

The great controversy of today was the number of kilometers made or to be done. Between the indicative signs, the GPS, the map and the apps, the discussions were around hundreds of meters!

Another thing that continues to surprise us is the number of hikers we come across. Today there were around thirty, in groups, in duo or solo.

As at the beginning there was an ascent and when you go up you have to go down (and vice versa), when we reached the mill in Odeceixe, descending the steps to the center of the village put our knees to the test.

In short, the route was much nicer than yesterday, but without a doubt, today's biggest difficulty was the heat: the October sun in the Algarve is no joke.

Note: the support for local businesses was to go for a snack and drink some gins, on the Esplanada do Mar, with a superb view of Odeceixe beach (and no, we didn't go there on foot).