Heat, philosophy, mirages and paths

New section, where tar and dirt predominated

T1 E6 – Odeceixe>S. Teotonium

The day awoke to a cloudless sun over Aljezur. For the beach crowd, it was perfect. For us… we'll go there.

Today was the day to change our base of operations, that is, to leave Casa do Pelourinho, in Aljezur, where we were very well installed for four nights, to a more advanced base, taking into account the progress of the journey.

According to the Rota Vicentina technical sheet, there were two variants and, obviously, we chose the 15 km one, because the classification of the stage was “easy”.

The brief description of the route is: interesting at the beginning, tar, tar, tar, tar, and interesting at the end.


On the way out of Odeceixe, as we followed the stream on the Algarve side, the floodplain was interesting, very agricultural, with vegetable gardens and fruit trees.

As we crossed the border to Alentejo, the tar quickly appeared and, as soon as we could, we fled to the dirt roads, which quickly turned into dirt roads, without shadows and with the sun beating down hard.

The team was the same as yesterday and the heat took effect: we philosophized, with the winning take on “walking is that too, walking until you reach your destination”, we had “mirages”, optical and auditory, but we were always walking and talking.

Remember the watermelon? This time we really ended it. It turned out to be very good, fresh and watery, precisely what we needed.


Arriving near S. Teotónio, we finally took an old path, which tasted good to us and put our ability to overcome obstacles, namely fallen trees, to the test.

On this connecting section, we didn't find anyone walking, but the few residents who saw us pass greeted us very well.

It was done!