PPC, alpaca and…S. petersburg

This time, the thing was easy, albeit a little monotonous…

T1 E4 – Arrifana>Aljezur

After the 24 kilometers yesterday, it was good to see that today it was “only” 12 km and classified as easy.

And, in fact, it was relatively easy for the regular team, this time reinforced by a hiker who had entered episode 1.

However, this was the least interesting route in terms of biodiversity, very monotonous at first, only getting more interesting in the last two kilometers, on the approach to Aljezur.

The bush and rockrose also provided little shade, and despite it being October, the sun is still punishing and well.


With all this, we were thinking that we would find few people, even because the Historical Way of the Rota Vicentina has much less fame and visibility than the Fishermen's Trail.

Given this, it was with some surprise that we came across three or four cyclists and with close to a dozen hikers like us, mostly girls walking solo.

Another surprise was, on the way, we were greeted by a friendly alpaca, who left the herd to come and see those souls passing by.


As we walked, our land biologist identified kerchiefs, robins, gray wharses, red robins, fennel warblers… While the sea biologist referred to these species as ppc, that is, small brown birds, and regretted not see a bass fly. They know that walking a lot, with the sun hitting the moleirinha, can have some side effects...

One of those effects was to discover that these routes that we have been taking are part of the GR11/E9 that connects Sagres to St. Petersburg and we started to digress about what it would be like to go there. But, absolutely, it was a passing madness.

To make up for these crazy things and as we arrived in Aljezur still in time for lunch, we forgot the sandwiches and went to support local businesses, enjoying a beautiful grilled sea bass.



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