Elisabete Rodrigues

( CPJ 1874 A

Phone: 915 124 602


Registration with the Regulatory Authority for the Media with the No. 126199

Owner: Blank Page – Association of Independent Communicators and Journalists

Frequency: Daily


General Email:

Phone Number: 289 091 810



>>Hugo Rodrigues ( CPJ 4283A
(Deputy Director) - telephone: 962 796 556

>>Pedro Lemos ( CPJ 7001A
(Interim Editor-in-Chief) – telephone: 918 786 079

>>Mariana Carriço ( TP 1025
(Intern) – phone: 913397086

>>Nilton Nunes CO 632A

>>Taciana Sander CO 629A


Correspondent in Baixo Alentejo
>>Ana Teresa Alves ( CPJ 7458 A
Phone: 968 134 470


Photo reporters:
Nelson Inácio - CO232A


Columnists: Aurélio Nuno Cabrita (History and Stories), António Covas (European Affairs and Territorial Planning and Economy), Gonçalo Duarte Gomes (Territory and Environment), Fernando Santos Pessoa (Landscape and Environment), Fr Miguel Neto, Alexandra R. Gonçalves, Analita Santos (a Mother concerned with the Environment), Miguel Luzia (Taxation and Taxation), Algarve Delegation of the Economists Order, Order of Solicitors and Enforcement Agents, ISMAT, Inês Morais Pereira (Law and legal issues), Glocal Faro.



>>Nuno Costa (
Marketing and Advertising Department – ​​telephones: 915 368 900 or 289 091 810



Blank Page – Association of Independent Communicators and Journalists

Address: Guelhim, PO Box 45A
8005 – 489 Faro

NIPC: 513315659



UAlg Tec Start
Gambelas Campus, Pavilion G15
8005 – 139 Faro

Telephone (writing and editor)

289 091 810 | 915124602



Title registered with the Regulatory Authority for the Media under number 126199, owned by Página em Branco – Association of Independent Communicators and Journalists


Blank Page – Association of Independent Communicators and Journalists
Holders of corporate bodies:

Board of the General Assembly
President: Gonçalo Duarte Gomes
Vice President: Lúcia Costa
Secretary: Margarida Santos
Secretary: Pedro Lemos

President: Maria Elisabete FS Baptista
Vice president: Hugo Rodrigues
Member-Treasurer: José Brito
Vowel: Nuno Costa

Conselho Fiscal
President: Filipe Bally Jorge
Reporting Secretary: Cristina Batista Rodrigues
Member: Martyna Mazurek


The Blank Page, owner of the Sul Informação, is a member of Portuguese Press Association (API)



Webmaster: Nuno Costa



This is the current fixed team of Sul Informação:



The journalist Nuno Costa, managing editor of Sul Informação, with your report «There is an “attack of the clones” in Monchique, for the sake of the production of Medronho», won, in December 2018, the National Award for Innovation Journalism, in the Regional Online Media category. The prize was awarded in a ceremony that took place on the 10th of December at the Alfândega Congress Center in Porto.

Nuno Costa on the right




O Sul Informação won the SAPO Digital Media Award protocols for best regional information body in 2018. The distinction was awarded on November 21, 2018, at a ceremony held at the Coliseu dos Recreios, in Lisbon.

The team of Sul Informação with the prize




The journalist Pedro Lemos received, in May 2017, the Sport with Ethics Award for the Regional Press, awarded by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth and by the CNID (Association of Sport Journalists), awarding his report «In Enxerim, Gymnastics is really for everyone», published in Sul Informação.





O Sul Informação received the Best Journalistic/Media Work Award, awarded by the Portuguese Association of Museology (APOM), in a ceremony that took place on December 13, 2013, at the Communications Museum, in Lisbon.

apom prize