Editorial Status

  1. O Sul Informação it is a generalist, pluralist, independent regional newspaper, but with its own convictions.
  2. O Sul Informação is a newspaper independent of all powers (political, economic, social, religious or cultural), defending this spirit of independence also in relation to its own advertisers.
  3. O Sul Informação considers that newspapers must be independent, because that is the only way they will be able to fulfill their essential role in society, which is to guarantee free access to information for their readers and actively defend freedom of expression.
  4. Asserting itself as an independent newspaper, the Sul Informação however, it is still a newspaper with its own convictions. And that is why it assumes that causes of citizenship, such as the defense of fundamental freedoms and democracy, a healthy and sustainable environment, the Portuguese language and historical and cultural heritage, multiculturalism, incitement to the participation of civil society in solving problems of the community, must be disseminated, without prejudice to the pluralism of opinion and to give voice to all currents, never losing or giving up the capacity for criticism.
  5. O Sul Informação it is governed by the principles of journalists' deontology and professional ethics, which is why it states that any laws limiting freedom of expression will always have the firm opposition of this newspaper and its professionals.
  6. O Sul Informação it is a newspaper made by professional journalists, for which reason it refuses to be a mere repository of press releases and official information, rather promoting its own work and investigation, even if this means increased costs of production of its contents.
  7. O Sul Informação it is governed by the principle of objectivity and independence with regard to its news content in all media. Their news narrates, relates and analyzes the facts, for which the various parties involved will be heard.
  8. O Sul Informação it is a tolerant newspaper and open to all opinions, although it reserves the right not to publish opinions that it finds offensive. The published opinion will always be signed by whoever produces it, whether journalists from the Sul Informação, be external columnists. O Sul Informação it will never confuse news with opinion.