A baby ladder snake and the differences between a frog and a toad

Although the sun was still strong, there were high clouds and a refreshing breeze.

T1 E7 – S. Teotónio>Odemira

A lot has changed from yesterday to today. The weather changed, the type of route changed, the number of hikers changed. But let's go by parts.

According to the technical sheet, 19 km, easy, without any refueling point along the way.
Although the sun was still high, there were high clouds and a refreshing breeze. Two more hikers also appeared, one already known from the first episode and the other, from Lisbon but with Algarve roots, which was a revelation in terms of animation, both in the “stories” that I was telling, as in the demonstration of its great repository of children's songs… And not only.
The first part of the trail, along the Ribeira de S. Teotónio, was very pleasant, close to the water, fresh and with a great diversity of trees and shrubs. It's already getting difficult, but we still manage to eat some ripe arbutus, because they're almost all dry.
Along the way, we met and photographically documented a baby ladder snake and learned the differences between a frog and a toad. giving one of National Geographic, the frog has a fusiform body, longer legs and needs to be near water, while the frog is more full-bodied and only needs water at the time of reproduction.
This time, we didn't come across anyone, we overtook a German who was going alone to Odemira and who would then turn left and go down the coast along the fishermen's trail.
We were also overtaken by a tractor hauling a large manure trailer, whose driver made a big splash when he saw us.
It was a good stretch, greeted on arrival by a round-winged eagle, but, to the great displeasure of the animator-walker, it was not possible to set foot in the River Mira.
One final note. In Alentejo, it has been very difficult to finish the stage and find a place for the traditional imperial ones. Today, after much search, we found the Escondidinho do Poço open, where the lady, upon learning that we were coming on foot and were desperately thirsty, interrupted what she was doing to save us.