Boat throwing black smoke off Praia de Faro causes alarm on land [with video]

Maritime Authority approached the vessel, but there was no fire on board

Image: Stefano de Chino

The National Maritime Authority (AMN) this morning approached a vessel off Praia de Faro where a lot of black smoke was coming out. After the approach, the apparent fire on board was not confirmed, but rather a problem with the engine of the 16-meter boat, which had left Vilamoura Marina this morning.

Alerted by a reader, through the tool “Do you have news for us?”, the Sul Informação contacted the captain of the Port of Faro, Commander Lopes de Figueiredo, who revealed that there were already two AMN vessels next to the pleasure boat that was smoking, and they verified that there was no type of fire on board, but rather a breakdown.

«The pleasure craft will return to Vilamoura Marina», he added.



Video: Stefano de Chino


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