Municipality mourns the death of Aníbal Guerreiro, a farense "with soul and heart"

Aníbal Guerreiro was, in addition to a manager of Farense, administrator of the Aníbal Guerreiro Group - which owns, among others, FIAAL and Pontautos

The Chamber of Faro lamented this Saturday, June 3, the death of Aníbal Guerreiro, businessman and «great social and sporting benefactor», remembering him as a farense «with soul and heart».

Natural of Faro, where he was born on November 15, 1932, Aníbal Guerreiro was director of one of the largest and most prestigious business groups in the Algarve – Grupo Aníbal Guerreiro – which owns, among others, FIAAL and Pontautos.

On a note of regret, the Municipality remembers Aníbal Guerreiro as a «great social and sporting benefactor», having been «always linked to Casa dos Rapazes and Sporting Clube Farense, his heart club».

His connection to sports and the social field led him from an early age to preside over the General Assembly of the D. Francisco Gomes Institute - Casa dos Rapazes, a position that had previously been held by his father, Aníbal da Cruz Guerreiro.

He was president of the Columbófila Society of Faro and vice-president of Sporting Clube Farense, among other positions in many other communities in the municipality of Faro.

«A prestige entrepreneur from Farense, who always cherished his land, Aníbal Guerreiro never stopped supporting, at all levels, Farense and the Municipality of Faro awarded him the Gold Medal of the City, in 2008», recalls the municipality.

«Successful businessman, man of principles and great verticality, authentic “maecenas” and great benefactor of Farense pigeon racing, he was closely linked to all the social, cultural, sports and historical involvement of Farense and Algarve pigeon racing», he adds.

Aníbal Guerreiro was also a «relevant pillar of Farense», having experienced moments such as the first promotion to the 1st Division, in 1969/70.

«In this last climb to the I Liga, his name was never forgotten by any of the institutions in the acknowledgments and the passion for Sporting Clube Farense was always praised», concludes the note.