Aníbal Guerreiro, number 1 member of Farense and member of the club, dies

Aníbal Guerreiro names one of the stands at Estádio São Luís

Aníbal Guerreiro, partner number 1 of Farense, former manager and central figure of the club in recent decades, died in the early hours of this Saturday, June 3, at the age of 90. 

Businessman of the municipality, Aníbal Guerreiro was also a great benefactor of Farense, helping the club in the most troubled moments.

As a leader, partner nº1 was, for example, vice-president of Farense.

In statements to the Sul Informação, João Rodrigues, president of the Algarve club, did not hide his sadness at the death of Aníbal Guerreiro who, just this week, he had visited at the Hospital Particular de Gambelas.

′′ It's a very sad day for Farense. Senhor Aníbal was, is and will always be in our memory as one of the greatest Farenses ever, if not the greatest. One of the few things that mitigates this situation is the fact that he still managed to see, in life, the promotion to the First League that he so longed for », he said.

Moreover, Aníbal Guerreiro, who was already ill, was remembered a few days ago at Farense's reception at the Câmara de Faro, both by João Rodrigues and by Rogério Bacalhau, president of the municipality.

In his statements to our newspaper, the leader of the club and SAD do Farense also recalled the «great role» of Aníbal Guerreiro not only in sport, since the number 1 member of the Algarve emblem was also the leader of institutions in the social area, such as the House of Boys.

“He was a great gentleman”, he summed up.

In 2021, as part of the 111th anniversary of Farense, the name “Aníbal Guerreiro” was given to one of the stands at Estádio São Luís, precisely in honor of a name that will remain in the history of the club in the Algarve capital.


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