«Surprise and indignation» of the Tavira Chamber for the inclusion in the list of councils at risk

President Ana Paula Martins considers the inclusion of Tavira in the list of councils at risk an "injustice"

Tavira in times of pandemic – Photo: Flávio Costa | Sul Informação

The mayor of Tavira considers it an "injustice" to inclusion in the list of risk councils, as this results from the attribution to its municipality, by the Directorate General of Health, of "60 new cases" that are not included in the accounts of the local and regional health authorities.

In a note published on the municipality's Facebook page, Ana Paula Martins guarantees that “it was with surprise and indignation that the municipality received this information, as it contradicted the numbers that have been communicated to us by the local and regional health authorities (which are coincident) and that point out that, in the period considered by the Government (between 28/10 and 10/11), the county of Tavira has an accumulated of 54 new cases and, consequently, with 220 cases per 100.000 inhabitants. It would thus be below the value to be considered in the above-mentioned list'.

However, "and we do not know on what basis, as they are not in agreement with those of the local and regional health authorities, the DGS assigns, in the period in question, 60 new cases to Tavira", adds the mayor.

In fact, as Sul Informação did an exclusive account yesterday morning, data from the Department of Public Health and Planning of the Algarve Regional Health Administration did not include Tavira in the group of Algarve councils that could be included in the list, which was decided yesterday by the Council of Ministers.


Ana Paula Martins, president of the Tavira Chamber, and Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, during PR's visit to the county


Ana Paula Martins adds that “it was never, nor will it be, the municipality's intention to hide or alter the data provided to us by the entities we have mentioned, and in which we place all our confidence”.

For this reason, "because we consider it an injustice and feel that we have the right to be clarified, so that we can clarify the population of Tavir, I will send communications tomorrow to the Ministry of Health's Office and to the DGS to question and request clarification".

The mayor adds that its executive is "aware of how these limitations will affect us all and, in particular, the repercussions they will have on the economic and social sector of our municipality."

Therefore, it expresses "our solidarity with the most affected" and informs that the Municipality "continues to work towards finding ways to support entrepreneurs and families, within their competences".

Despite her opposition to being included in the list of municipalities with the greatest risk of contagion, the mayor of Tavira stresses that it is her “duty to call for strict compliance with our obligations as responsible citizens, to which, now, are added those arising from the fact to integrate this list, namely the mandatory curfew and the closing of the establishments at the defined times».

«I count on your respect and commitment so that we can stop the spread of the virus in our county, in order to restore us to the normality possible within this context and I will inform you of the Government's response to our exposures. », concludes the president Ana Paula Martins.



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