Former Secretary of State leads team that will study PPP of Hospital Central do Algarve

It is another step towards the construction of the future Hospital Central do Algarve, in Parque das Cidades

The project team for «the study and preparation of the launching of a new public-private partnership for the construction of the new Hospital Central do Algarve» has already been formed».

According to a dispatch published in the Friday, April 14th, in Diário da República, the team is chaired by the former Deputy Secretary of State and Health Francisco Ventura Ramos (2018 and 2019), on recommendation of the member of the Government responsible for the project area.

Francisco Ramos was also, more recently, the first coordinator of the task force for vaccination against Covid-19, a position he resigned in February 2021. He was then replaced by Admiral Gouveia e Melo.

Number two on the team is Rui Lourenço, a doctor. professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Algarve and former president of the Regional Health Administration (ARS) of the Algarve.

The team also includes another Algarvean, Josélia Gonçalves, current vice-president of the ARS, but only as an alternate member.

A design team appointment it is another step towards the construction of the future Hospital Central do Algarve, in Parque das Cidades.

The order, signed by Manuel Teves Vieira, coordinator of the Technical Project Monitoring Unit (UTAP), appoints a team with seven permanent members.

Its mission is to prepare the «study process» and the «launch of the study», as well as the «preparation of the launch of a new public-private partnership for the construction of the new Hospital Central do Algarve».

The remaining members are the architect Ana Alves Coutinho, who had already been part of the planning team to combat the new Coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease, and who was, like the other two previous ones, chosen «by indication of the responsible member of the Government by the project area».

Here are four UTAP consultants, appointed by the coordinator of that Technical Unit: lawyer Inês da Silva Marques, specialist in Public Law with professional experience in the areas of Public Procurement, namely Public-Private Partnerships, financial consultant Luís Miguel Silva Brandão, lawyer and specialist in Public Law Hong Cheng Leong, and also Tânia Teixeira Caetano, graduated in Finance and Accounting.

The alternate members, in addition to Josélia Gonçalves, are Pedro Neto Miranda, who was already part of the project team made up of the Hospitals of Vila Franca de Xira and Loures, the lawyer Rita Cunha Leal, who participated and coordinated teams responsible for the evaluation ex post of public-private partnerships, as well as Pedro Costa dos Reis, graduated and master in Management by ISEG and with a career at Deloitte, in the areas of audit & assurance.

Last January, the Minister of Health was in the Algarve, having then promised that the tender for the work on the Hospital Central do Algarve is to be launched in 2023.

On that occasion, Manuel Pizarro announced not only the formation of this technical team to conduct the tender for launching the work on the new Central Hospital of the Algarve, as required by law, but also a committee to monitor the process, in this case, «a political option ».

This technical commission will include, as indicated by the minister, AMAL – Comunidade Intermunicipal do Algarve, as well as other regional entities.

The dispatch published in DR last Friday, April 14, recalls the most recent process: «through the joint dispatch» of the Minister of Health and the Secretary of State for the Treasury, subscribed, respectively, on August 1, 2022 and on July 29 of that year, the Algarve Regional Health Administration (ARS Algarve) and the Central Health System Administration (ACSS) were ordered to, «within the scope of the powers legally entrusted to them, proceed with the preparation of a proposal grounded», with a view to «the study and preparation of the launch of a new partnership for the construction of the new Central Hospital in the Algarve».

Subsequently, ACSS and ARS Algarve jointly prepared «a well-founded proposal with a view to “studying and preparing the launch of a new public-private partnership for the construction of the new Central Hospital of the Algarve”», which was the subject of « favorable dispatch» from the Minister of Health, of August 19, 2022.

Later, in January of this year, through an order by the Secretary of State for Finance, «the Technical Project Monitoring Unit was determined to set up a project team».

The list of effective members and respective alternates of the project team to be constituted, by indication of the current Minister of Health, has been updated, being then constituted by the names mentioned above.


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