Pizzaro promises launch of Hospital Central do Algarve tender in 2023

Government announces the creation of a monitoring commission, which will join the mandatory technical team that will conduct the tender

The tender for the work on the Hospital Central do Algarve is to be launched in 2023, but there is no date set for this long-standing requirement in the region to become a reality. Manuel Pizarro, Minister of Health, spent yesterday, January 23rd, in the Algarve, visited several municipalities and, even without giving dates, left the guarantee that the Public-Private Partnership that will be created to build the new health unit will be heavily scrutinized.

As revealed by the member of the Government, at the end of a day of "Open Health", an initiative of proximity of the ministry, not only will a technical team be created to conduct the tender for launching the work of the new Central Hospital of the Algarve, as the law sends, but also a commission to monitor the process, in this case, "a political option".

This technical committee will include, said Manuel Pizarro, AMAL – Comunidade Intermunicipal do Algarve and other regional entities.

In view of the government's (re)guarantees that the construction process of the hospital is under way, the PSD/Algarve «welcomes that the minister assumes the commitment to move forward with the new Hospital Central do Algarve», not without stressing that it considers «a complete It is a mystery how an infrastructure promised 20 years ago has not yet reached the promise stage».

The regional structure of the main opposition party now points to the clinical model, which the Government intends to keep in the public sphere.

The social democrats do not agree with this option and argue that «the public-private partnerships that were made and gave excellent results were those that were global, that is, they did not only include the construction, but also the provision of clinical services and it was in that provision of clinical services provided by the private sector, with objectives, controlled, etc. that hundreds of millions of euros were saved attested by the Court of Auditors».

«We are halfway to the good decision», they say.

As for the assessment of the “Saúde Aberta” initiative, in the scope of which the minister and his two secretaries of state visited the 16 municipalities of the Algarve, it is positive, in the view of Manuel Pizarro, who believes that the information that was collected from the mayors and health professionals in the region should "result in measures" to solve some of the problems identified "in the coming months".