Artur Teixeira Gomes is the new president of JSD/Algarve

For the Board of the District Congress, João Silva, from Monchique, was elected as president

Artur Teixeira Gomes was elected, last weekend, president of JSD/Algarve, at the district congress that took place in Lagos. 

In his closing speech, the new leader of the Algarve Social Democrat Youth «focused on concrete problems that afflict the Algarve reality such as the more than 5000 students without a teacher, in at least one subject, the lack of vision for CHUA and its implementation or even the Socialist Party's lack of understanding of the role of the State in Housing».

In health, Artur Teixeira Gomes «reinforced the urgent need to build a new central hospital with an updated project, adapted to new technologies and to receive students and interns, to convert the current hospital into a Faculty of Health Sciences and a large care unit continued, in the extension of Sigic – surgery allowance – to consultations and also the increase in civil protection personnel in the Barrocal Algarve».

In housing, the new leader «proposed the Government to make a national register of the State's real estate assets, to allocate funds for their requalification and also for the construction of public housing, to promote and develop, together with the municipalities, new housing cooperatives, but also reduce bureaucracy and simplify processes for those who want to invest and build new housing in the Algarve and in the country».

«Young people from the Algarve have the right to make their dreams come true in the land that saw them born», he said.

Artur Teixeira Gomes, 29 years old, is a municipal deputy in Tavira.

For the Board of the District Congress, João Silva, from Monchique, was elected as president.

Throughout the day, the deputy to the Assembly of the Republic and president of the JSD Alexandre Poço and also the mayor of Lagos Hugo Pereira (PS) were present.

In the closing session, PSD vice-president Miguel Pinto Luz, JSD secretary general João Pedro Louro, PSD/Algarve president Cristóvão Norte and also representatives of the Liberal Initiative, Livre, the National Youth Council were present. , the IPDJ and several local and district leaders of the PSD and the JSD.

The new honorary members of the JSD who left the district structure at this congress were also subject to a vote, all of which were approved by a majority: Bárbara do Amaral Correia, Carolina Purificação and Tiago Mateus.