Maria da Graça Ventura's book wins the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation award

Work, edited by Tinta-da-China, addresses the successes and failures of sailors and emigrants from the Algarve in Hispanic America

The book «Por Este Mar Adentro», by the Algarve researcher Maria da Graça A. Mateus Ventura, has just been awarded the prize «History of the Presence of Portugal in the World», from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

The award ceremony will take place at the Portuguese Academy of History, in Lisbon, on December 7, at 15 pm, with an intervention by D. Tolentino de Mendonça.

«It is an award that greatly honors my research on the Portuguese diaspora in the Spanish-American world and, in particular, the Algarve», commented the author on her Facebook page.

«It is a very rewarding award that recognizes the merit of the work done by me and by Edições Tinta-da-China. This award is not an end, but an incentive to continue my research on the Algarve and its relationship with Ibero-America», added the author, in a statement sent to Sul Informação.

The work, published by Tinta-da-China, addresses the successes and failures of sailors and emigrants from the Algarve in Hispanic America.

In this book, the author writes about the West Indies Career between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, when the sea people of the Algarve provided boats, equipment and skilled labor or shelter, especially in the port of Portimão, contributing to the interdependence economic and strategic situation in the region in relation to that route.

Some of the many Algarve people who ventured out to sea towards South America at that time are recalled from memory, illustrating the web of affections that this migratory flow originated from the main towns and ports of the Algarve, especially Portimão, Lagos, Faro, Loulé and Tavira.

Last February, when the book was launched, the Sul Informação did a video interview with Graça Ventura, which we repeat here:


Maria da Graça Ventura is a researcher integrated at the Center for History of the University of Lisbon, an associate researcher at CHAM, a member of the Asociación Española de Americanistas and the Association of European Latin American Historians, being co-founder and current president of the Instituto de Cultura Ibero-Atlântica, created in 1995 in the city of Portimão.

She has published seven books, most of which on Ibero-America, regularly participating in numerous collective works, with book chapters and articles in Portuguese and international journals, and is also an external evaluator of several national and Ibero-American journals. She is also the director of the «Southern: Journal of Mediterranean Studies».