House that burned in Cortelha, in Castro Marim, is being rebuilt

Recovery is paid in full by the DDN company

The house that burned down in Cortelha, in Castro Marim, in the great fire of 2021, in the Algarve, is being rebuilt with funding from the company DDN and support from the Verdelago enterprise.

DDN, within the scope of its business policy, «annually supports the reconstruction of a house in a burned area», according to the Castro Marim Chamber.

“Given the functional relationship of this company with a large undertaking in the territory, Verdelago, the administration ended up, on a visit to the burned area in August 2021, taking this as the major project to support that year”, added the municipality.



Along the way, Verdelago, «which had also become a partner of the Municipality in other interventions of a social nature, also joined the initiative through its direct support and sponsorship of its suppliers».

The tourist development that is being born between Praia Verde and Altura also intends, with this support, to make an approach «to the potential of the interior of the county to house its approximately 500 employees when it is in the exploration phase».

«The Municipality of Castro Marim thanks all the support of these companies and the resilience of the affected couple, stressing that this is a good example that companies, through a policy of social intervention, can collaborate in the recovery of territories or in the social recovery of families », concluded the Chamber.