MED will «embrace even more» Loulé with new spaces

Final poster was presented yesterday, at Cineteatro Louletano

MED rhymes with Centro Histórico, but this year's edition “will embrace even more” Loulé. The iconic festival returns from the 30th of June to the 3rd of July and will expand to new locations such as the Cineteatro Louletano, the renovated headquarters of the Casa da Cultura, on Rua das Lojas, or the Igreja de São Francisco. Because more than a music festival, going to MED «is an experience». 

The 18th edition of the event was officially presented this Sunday, May 29, at the end of the afternoon, at Cineteatro Louletano.

Music, as mentioned by Carlos Carmo, councilor and director of the Festival, will continue to be «at the top of the pyramid of importance» of the MED.

But this year, there was also a greater concern with other aspects, such as «cinema, literature, conferences, theater and gastronomy».

It's just that these two years of interregnum, due to Covid-19, gave, confessed Carlos Carmo to the Sul Informação, «to think about some concepts and improve them».



Thus, this year's edition of MED will feature a reinforcement in the area of ​​cinema, with the screening of films such as “Todo o Cinema do Mundo” (June 30, at 19:15 pm) or “Surdina” (July 3, at 22:30 pm).

One of the particularities is that, of the four films that will be shown, almost all will be set to live music, by names like Tó Trips, former member of the Dead Combo.

Another novelty this year is the inclusion of Casa do Meio Dia, by publishing house Sul, Sol e Sal, in the MED script. It is one of the spaces outside the Historic Center that will participate in the event, in this case hosting the conference “Environmental Sustainability in Music Festivals”, on the 3rd, at 18:30.

As for classical music concerts – already a tradition at MED -, this edition will take place at the Igreja de São Francisco.

The inclusion of Cineteatro Louletano is one of the great innovations of this year's MED. The space, on Avenida José da Costa Mealha, will serve as the stage for an opening concert of the Festival, on June 29, at 21 pm, by Lina_Raul Refree.

One of the highlights of this edition will also be held at the Cineteatro: the screening of the play “Chovem amores na Rua do Matador”, written by Mia Couto and José Eduardo Agualusa. It will be on the 2nd of July at 17:00.

in the backyard of recently opened Islamic Baths, there will also be a stage (similar to what has happened in other years), with the aim of also inviting people to visit the space.

Regarding the music poster, which had already had a first presentation in April, will feature names such as Maro, winner of the Festival da Canção, the Brazilian Mallu Magalhães, Nancy Vieira (Cape Verde) or the Jamaican Anthony B, linked to reggae.

These are also joined by Aline Frazão (Angola), O Gajo, Plasticine from the Algarve and Sylva Drums from Loulé. The stage distribution is not yet defined.


After the presentation, there was a concert with the Brazilian Bia Ferreira, the first confirmation for the 2023 edition of MED


Unlike a more commercial music festival, making the MED poster is «always a challenge», according to Carlos Carmo.

«This is not a conventional festival, but that is also what makes us different», added the director, to the Sul Informação. 

In total, there will be 90 hours of music, 66 concerts, more than 300 musicians from 23 nationalities, and 12 stages.

After two years of interregnum, the expectation is that «there will be a great turnout» to the MED.

«We don't want to set records, but what is pre-sale, combined with people's willingness to live together, makes for good prospects», concluded Carlos Carmo.

For the rest, the pre-sale runs until June 23, with the daily ticket costing 10 euros, a value that rises to 15 euros after that date.

There is also the possibility to buy a daily family ticket (2 adults and 2 young people up to 16 years old) at 35 euros, until the 23rd of the next month. Then it becomes 40 euros.

Finally, the pass that gives access to all days costs 30 euros in the pre-sale period and 40 euros afterwards.

Anyone who wants to buy tickets can do so. here


Names of the main stages:

Shkoon Live (SY/DE)

Skorzo (ESP)

Re-imagine Banda Monte Cara (PT/CB)

Go_A (UA)

Gyedu-Blay & his Sekondi Band (GN)

Plasticine (PT)

Jupiter & Okwess (CD)

Noura Mint Seymali (MR)

Creature (EN)

Nancy Vieira (CV)

Noiserv (PT)

Ghetto Kumbe (CO)

Anthony B (JM)

Mallu Magalhaes (BR)

Beat presents Ikoqwe (EN)

Electric Jalaba (MA/UK)

Johnny Hooker (BR)

Bombino (NE)

N3rdistan (FR/MA)

Albaluna (PT)

Viviane (PT)

Transatlantic Express (PT)

Chico Trujillo (CL)

Ayo (DE/NG)

Manou Gallo (CI)

Oum Trio Mouthallat (MA)

March (PT)

Scuru Fitchádu (PT/CV)

Rodrigo Cuevas (ES)

Victor Zamora & Sextetto Cuba (PT/CU)

Aline Frazão (AO)

The Guy (EN)

Sylva Drums (PT)