Morgado de Arge Photovoltaic Power Station provides energy to more than 7600 homes

Voltalia, one of the promoters of renewable energy projects operating in Portugal, is the company responsible for building

The electricity produced at the Morgado de Arge Photovoltaic Power Station, in Cotovio, Portimão, meets the needs of a total of 7.631 homes. aiming to avoid the emission of more than 34 thousand tons of CO2. Central started production at the end of 2021.

The Photovoltaic Power Station, built by Voltalia, one of the promoters of renewable energy projects operating in Portugal, had «construction challenges», which the company says it «promptly embraced».

“Among the objectives was the minimization of impacts on the landscape, a challenge because it is a mountainous area instead of the traditional flat solar park, with the area having high natural slopes that are around 30º”, explains Voltalia.

On the other hand, «avoiding the cutting of cork oaks and protected species was also one of the challenges launched and, on the other hand, it would be necessary to create solutions for the structure and the ditches and also to take into account the fact that the location does not have access roads. access".

All these were «adversities» that Voltalia says it has overcome «through a set of innovative solutions, applying a hybrid design between technology and nature in a 10-month construction, in which more than 600 people were involved».

The Cotovio Photovoltaic Power Station is already operating, with a power of 48,9 MW, which translates into around 105.000 photovoltaic solar modules in an area of ​​100 hectares.

«Faced with an adverse situation in which the costs of solar projects reach high values ​​due to the increase in the prices of materials, Voltalia responds, once again, with an innovative project, in this case the Cotovio Power Station that included multiple challenges throughout the construction. », points out João Amaral, Country Manager of Voltalia in Portugal.

The manager adds that he plans “this year to start with his own projects with the mission of making our country recognized throughout the world as a pole of reference in renewable energies”.

The foundation stone of the Morgado de Arge Photovoltaic Power Station was laid on September 14, 2020, when EKZ, one of the largest energy providers in Switzerland, and Smartenergy, a Swiss company in the field of renewable energies, revealed the investment of 35 million euros. euros in this project.