Requalification of Largo da Palmeira, in Faro, starts next week

Work has a completion period of 210 days

The so-called Largo da Palmeira, officially Praça Ferreira de Almeida, in the center of Faro, will be the target of a requalification work, which will start next week.

This contract, budgeted at around 476 thousand euros, foresees “a profound intervention for the redevelopment of Praça Ferreira de Almeida and adjacent streets (namely Rua 1º de Maio, Rua Filipe Alistão, Rua José Estevão, Travessa Lethes and beginning of Rua Lethes), which will make this whole area more appealing and functional, favoring pedestrians and their accessibility conditions», announced the City Council of Faro.

The company responsible for the intervention is RolearOn, which has a deadline of 210 days to carry it out.



The work will require traffic changes in this area from Tuesday, November 2nd, and May 30th, 2022, namely the closure of car traffic in Largo Terreiro do Bispo, on Rua Lethes (section between Largo Terreiro do Bispo and Rua Batista Lopes) and on the Lethes street (the section between Largo Terreiro do Bispo and Rua Batista Lopes).