Tavira will exempt payment of rent for municipal housing until the end of the year

By the end of the year, 570 tenants are exempt from paying social housing rents.

Photo: Fabiana Saboya

The municipality of Tavira will exempt, by the end of the year, 570 tenants from paying rent for municipal housing.

This decision by the municipality follows a set of exceptional and temporary measures to minimize the impact of the crisis that is reflected in the social fabric.

"The economic and social vulnerability of families comes from the loss of employment and, consequently, a drop in household income", says the municipality.

“The financial health of many companies, particularly in the tourism sector, was considerably affected, putting at risk hundreds of jobs and a significant number of families saw their monthly budget drastically reduce”, he adds.

In view of this reality, the municipality «considers it essential to strengthen support in terms of social action», assuming that the recovery of family income will be slow and progressive.

“The growing demand for social responses of primary need has led to the duplication of face-to-face assistance, with particular emphasis on food aid, as well as assistance in supporting essential expenses (water, electricity, medication, among others)”, he concludes.