CDS of Portimão confirms support for Carito's candidacy for the City Council

Support from other parties is still being negotiated

Luís Carito at the presentation of his application – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The CDS/PP of Portimão confirmed last night, at a meeting of its Municipal Political Commission, the support for Luís Carito's candidacy for the Portimão City Council, according to the report. Sul Informação.

João Gonçalves Caetano, president of the centrists of that Barlavento Algarvio council, told our newspaper that it remains to be defined whether the candidacy of the former vice-president of the Portimão Chamber and leading figure of the Socialists advances as a «candidacy of the CDS with independents» or if “it will count on the participation of other parties”.

“There are a number of issues to decide, in formal terms. This is still being discussed, even at the national level», he added. "When it's closed, we'll let you know which parties are."

Luís Carito presented, on 31 March, in a short statement to journalists, his “independent candidacy” for the Portimão Chamber, but supported by a “movement with several parties”. including the "PSD, CDS and Liberal Initiative", as well as 'independent people without a party'.

A few minutes after the Sul Informação have published the news with the candidate's statements, the Liberal Initiative categorically denied any support., even saying that the candidacy was «the representation of nepotism, cronyism, corruption and public mismanagement that exists not only in the Algarve, but in our country».

Also shortly thereafter, it was learned that the joint press conference of the leaders of the PSD of Portimão (Carlos Gouveia Martins) and the local CDS (João Caetano), scheduled for 20:00 at Teatro Municipal Tempo, would serve to announce their support parties to Luís Carito, had been cleared.

Is that the PSD ended up backing down on its support for Carito. Although approved by the Portimonenses social democrats, this support ran into opposition from the District and National Political Commissions (and, according to some sources, from Rui Rio himself). It was about having as the head of the list, under the aegis of the PSD, someone who was vice-president of the Portimão Chamber, elected by the PS, where he held the financial and municipal departments, and who is considered one of the responsible for the near bankruptcy of that autarchy. Such accusations, add, were refuted by the candidate when submitting your application.

On Sunday, Luís Carito had reaffirmed, in statements to the Sul Informação, your intention to to be a candidate for the Portimão Council, as an "independent", although with possible support from the CDS, which is now confirmed.