Luís Carito maintains an independent candidacy, perhaps with support from the Portimão CDS

Any support from the CDS from Portimo will be decided at a council meeting

Luís Carito maintains the "firm intention" of continuing his candidacy for the Municipality of Portimão "as an independent", he assumed today in statements to the Sul Informação.

"It is the candidacy of an independent person, supported or not by parties," he added.

after having the support of the PSD Portimonense failed, Luís Carito told our newspaper that, «at this moment, I have no confirmation of support from any party». However, the possibility of being supported by the CDS has not yet been ruled out.

To try to confirm this situation, the Sul Informação spoke with João Caetano, leader of the Municipality of the CDS of Portimão, who said that, this Monday night, there will be a meeting of the council structure of his party, "to take a position on this".

João Caetano added that, "on the table" at this meeting, there will be two possible positions: "to maintain support for Luís Carito, despite the PSD's position" or "eventually move forward with another solution".

Luís Carito had announced on the 31st of March, his independent candidacy for the Portimonense City Council, having then spoken of the expected support of the «PSD, CDS and Liberal Initiative». But the Liberal Initiative immediately denied having given your support, while the social democrats also came backing up.