Nightingales from Alentejo launch CD “Ciclo do Vinho de Talha” in Beja

The Rouxinóis do Alentejo Group was formed in 2000

The Coral and Ethnographic Youth Group Nightingales from Alentejo presents his most recent work, the album “Ciclo do Vinho de Talha” on the 21st of September, at 21 pm, in the auditorium of the Teatro Municipal Pax Julia, in Beja, in a show dedicated to singing and carved wine.

The album “Ciclo do Vinho de Talha” is part of the show that the group, based at the UNESCO Center for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Beja, presents recreating the phases of the cycle of artisanal production of talha wine, a winemaking practice that it was created by the Romans over 2000 years ago and is typical of Alentejo.

This record work, made possible by the Beja Criativa project (Valorization and Promotion of Cante Alentejano co-financed by Alentejo 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union), in addition to the voices of the nightingales, has the musical direction of maestro Jaime Branco and a together instrumental, formed by music teachers from the Regional Conservatory of Baixo Alentejo, who are joined by the accordionist António Caço, the fado singer Joana Santos and the “godfathers” of the nightingales, the Singers of Disquiet.

In the show that is now being presented, the preparation of the voices of the nightingales do Alentejo is in charge of the conductor Vera Saldanha, from CRBA.

On stage, under the artistic direction of Joaquim Mariano, the Nightingales sing various styles of Alentejo song and interact with more than three hundred real objects and replicas that were carefully constructed for this purpose.

O Nightingales Group of Alentejo was formed in 2000 to represent Portugal in a Youth Music Festival in Hungary.

Since then, she has presented several ethnographic stories, using mime and utensils used in traditional Alentejo arts and crafts, always accompanied by Cante: Cycle of Bread, Cycle of Olive Oil and Por Esse Campos Fora.

Currently, in partnership with VitiFrades, the nightingales are in recordings for his new project, a DVD of the “Ciclo do Vinho de Talha”, which will combine the show with the documentary, with the real tasks carried out in the proper places, from production to the dinner that the carved wine always provided.