President Marcelo «disagrees» with Costa's decision not to accept the minister's resignation

Marcelo disagrees with Costa «with regard to the political reading of the facts and the resulting perception on the part of the Portuguese»

The President of the Republic «disagrees with the position» of the Prime Minister of not accept the resignation presented this evening by the Minister of Infrastructure João Galamba.

In a note published on the Presidency's website, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa begins by recalling that «the Minister of Infrastructure today presented his resignation, invoking weighty reasons related to the citizens' perception of political institutions».

Now, he adds, “the Prime Minister, who is responsible for submitting this request to the President of the Republic, decided not to do so, as a matter of conscience, despite the situation he considered deplorable”.

For this reason, the note, of just three paragraphs, ends by saying that «the President of the Republic, who cannot exonerate a member of the Government without being proposed by the Prime Minister, disagrees with the latter's position regarding the political reading of the facts and regarding the perception resulting from them on the part of the Portuguese, with regard to the prestige of the institutions that govern them».



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