28 families already have a new home in the Ladeira da Fonte Housing Complex, in Paderne

The keys and lease contracts for 28 of the 40 apartments were handed over

Handing over the keys to one of the residents – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

Maria da Conceição, Luís, Maria de Jesus, Marisa are just some of the new residents of the 28 brand new apartments in the Ladeira da Fonte Housing Complex, in Paderne (Albufeira), whose keys and agreed rent contracts were delivered yesterday , on the 24th of May.

«More than 20 years have passed since the Municipality of Albufeira built the last houses», recalled, opening the ceremony, the engineer Valdemar Cabrita, head of the Municipal Buildings and Equipment Division.

In total, the five blocks on the ground floor and first floor have 40 apartments and their construction cost 4,6 million euros, fully paid for by Albufeira City Council. The amount includes electrical equipment that equips the new homes, solar water heating panels that allow «40% energy savings» and exterior arrangements, with gardens and playgrounds.

The new housing complex "does not have outside funding, it is an effort from the municipal treasury, it is money from all of us", underlined José Carlos Rolo, president of the municipality. It's just that, a little over two years ago, when this process began, "there was still no PRR, nor was there talk of it", he added.


Children's playground and garden space in the new neighborhood – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação


Yesterday morning, keys and lease contracts for 28 apartments were handed over, with the remaining 12 up for tender.

The mayor stressed that «most of the families that come to live here are young people», adding that the parish of Paderne, despite being inland, «has seen its population grow».

The mayor also praised the «privileged view» that the new residents will have, over the village and the valley, as well as the existence of garden spaces and leisure facilities for children. He therefore asked for "responsibility for keeping the space" in good condition.

On a «day of joy», Mayor José Carlos Rolo congratulated «the people who will live in these houses because they will change their lives».

After handing over the keys and the lease contracts (with agreed rents, that is, depending on the income of each household), the residents went to see their houses, where they will move as soon as they have taken care of the lease contracts. electricity and water.

Maria da Conceição was one of these new residents. Leaving her T2 apartment on the ground floor of one of the blocks, she told the Sul Informação that, despite having been given a bunch of keys, «you see that when I went to open the door, the first key I used was the right one. It is a good sign!”.

«I am very happy, I really liked the apartment, everything is impeccable and very pleasant, with lots of light», he added.

Maria da Conceição lived in Albufeira, where she works. However, she is beyond happy: «this house is a little further from work, but what conditions I have here I didn’t have there».

Also moved was Maria de Jesus, who lived in Vale Carro, and is going to move to the new apartment with her 9-year-old daughter, for whom the school is almost next door. «I feel a great joy, there are no words», she commented, her voice breaking.


The President of the Chamber José Carlos Rolo – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação


The Albufeira Council's investment in housing does not end there. President José Carlos Rolo, after stressing that «one of the main needs of human beings is to have decent housing», announced that «in a short time» a tender will be launched for the construction of 72 apartments in Fontainhas, another area of the county.

In this case, these fires must be «financed by the PRR». At the very least, the municipality will apply for these funds.

«All these processes are very time-consuming, not even people know how long», lamented the mayor.

With regard to the Ladeira da Fonte Housing Complex, in Paderne, after the entire previous process, projects, tenders and visas, the 1st building stone was laid on February 2, 2021, «Our Lady of Candeias Day» , as recalled by José Carlos Rolo. And it was she, he said, who “brightened this work”.

«I wish the best of luck to those who will inhabit these houses, good luck for the life that will follow here», concluded the mayor.


Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

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