Algarve Academic Week: After the Serenata, there is a party in Wonderland

University of Algarve students party lasts until the 6th of May


The 36th Academic Week of the Algarve kicked off yesterday, the 27th, at Largo da Sé, in Faro, with the traditional Opening Serenade, performed by In Versus, which attracted hundreds of people to Vila-Adentro in the Algarve capital.

After this first moment, the University of Algarve students' party moves today to the “Wonderland”, at the Penha Sports Complex, in Faro, where tens of thousands of people are expected to pass until the 6th of May.

This Friday, the 28th, Mishlawi, Chico da Tina and Mizzy Miles take the stage.

Until the 6th of May, Ivandro, Diogo Piçarra, Danni Gato, Bárbara Bandeira and Rosinha, among other names that make up the poster for the 36th Academic Week of the Algarve. 

As is tradition, the Sul Informação will offer tickets to its readers, in a pastime that runs on our Instagram page.

And there are soon ten entries that we will have to offer daily, so there are even more possibilities to win.


Photos: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação


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