Physical exercise program for knee osteoporosis and cardiac rehabilitation advances in Quarteira

Project is free

Quarteira will host the A3-COR project (Algarve Active Aging – Cardiac and Osteoarthitis Rehabilitation), which includes a physical exercise program for knee osteoporosis and cardiac rehabilitation.

Promoted by the Association for the Development of the Academic Center for Research and Biomedical Training of the Algarve (AD-ABC), this initiative, in which the Parish Council of Quarteira is a partner, consists of carrying out a personalized exercise program by sports technicians and physiotherapists, lasting 12 weeks, for people who simultaneously present two pathologies highly prevalent in the population over 50 years old: osteoarthritis of the knee (presence of pain in the knee) and cardiovascular disease/risk (tension or high cholesterol or if you are a smoker, but also people who have had a heart attack).

«The practice of regular physical exercise is an internationally recognized treatment, both in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis and in cardiac rehabilitation, as one of the main non-pharmacological approaches to the disease, in particular in the control of joint pain and in the improvement of cardiorespiratory functional capacity, whose impact can be felt in terms of quality of life», explains the Parish Council in a note.

Thus, through the project, the Board intends to «contribute to the adoption of a healthier lifestyle based on the regular practice of a physical exercise program personalized to the capacities of each individual and the adoption of a healthy diet based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet» .

Those interested in participating in this project, which is free of charge, should contact the number 935 721 314 (Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm), to schedule their initial assessment and check the possibility of their inclusion in the study that will be carried out. in this scope.