Algarvian Celina Carpinteiro wins the Portuguese Cup of Marathon BTT (XCM)

BTT athlete Loulé/Elevis finished 75 kilometers and 2500 meters of accumulated in 4h40m53s

The Algarve Celina Carpinteiro (BTT Loulé/Elevis) won the victory in the women's sector of the elite category in the fourth scoring event of the Portuguese BTT Marathon Cup (XCM) that headed to Castro Daire this Sunday, 25th of September.

The athlete finished the 75 kilometers and 2500 meters of accumulated race in 4h40m53s. Ana Tomás (BTT Seia) added another second place, after finishing today's race at 5m15s and Leandra Gomes (AXPO/FirstBike Team/Vila do Conde) took third place on the podium, cutting the finish line with more 14m10s than Celina Carpinteiro .

In the men's race, it was Luís Ferreira (BTT Seia) who won. The runners of the male sector of the elite category faced the longest course of this fourth test of the Portuguese XCM Cup, with a total of 102 kilometers and 3100 meters of accumulated.



Luís Ferreira (BTT Seia) was the strongest, having completed the course in 4h36m56s. Carlos Cruz (SEARTEX Portugal/Edaetech) was second, at 1m44s, and Bruno Sancho (Korpo Activo/Penacova) closed in third, 2m15s behind the winner.

In the veteran categories, in the men's sector, Rui Leão (Rolub/Lusosofá) won in 30 masters, Ismael Graça (Korpo Activo/Penacova) in 35 masters, Carlos Rocha (SAERTEZ Portugal/Edaetech) in 40 masters, Filipe Salvado (BTT Loulé /Elevis) in 45 masters, António Marques (BTT Seia) in 50 masters, Reinaldo Luís (Róódinhas/Master Vantagem) in 55 masters, Adelino Cruz (BTT Loulé/Elevis) in 60 masters and Manuel Pinto (SAERYEX Portugal/Edaetech) in masters 65.

In the women's event, Ângela Gonçalves (Korpo Activo/Penacova) won the masters 30 and Raquel Santos (BTT Seia) stood out in the masters 40. Ana Oliveira (Korpo Activo/Penacova) was the only participant in the masters 50, having spend 6h15m11s to complete your test.

In the electric assistance bikes, Anabela Antunes (Ansibikes/Ansião Coração de Sicó) was the only participant in the female sector, as was the case with Luís Mateus (Róódinhas/Master Vantagem) in the male section.

In paracycling, Hugo Frade (SAERTEX Portugal/Edaetech) was the only participant in category C, finishing the race in 2h39m51s.