Man suffered cardiorespiratory arrest on Alvor beach, but was saved

The alert was given at 11:05 am, through a dealer

A 57-year-old man was saved on the morning of this Friday, June 10, by elements of the National Maritime Authority's "SeaWatch" project, after he went into cardiac arrest, on Alvor beach (Portimão).

According to AMN, the alert was given at 11:05 am, through a dealership.

The victim was initially assisted by lifeguards, who would start the resuscitation maneuvers, with the help of doctors and nurses who were on site, until the arrival of the elements of the “SeaWatch” Project, who continued the resuscitation maneuvers, using the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) that equips AMAROK vehicles.

After several attempts, “it was possible to resuscitate the victim, with the elements of the Emergency and Resuscitation Medical Vehicle of INEM (VMER) providing differentiated assistance, in order to stabilize the victim”, says the AMN.

The elements of the “SeaWatch” Project then transported the victim off the beach, where an ambulance from the Portimão Volunteer Firefighters was waiting, which transported her, in stable condition, to the hospital.