CDU presents solutions to guarantee family doctors to the population of the Algarve

Catarina Marques was this Thursday, January 20, visiting the city of Olhão

Catarina Marques, CDU candidate for the legislative elections for the Algarve district, was, this Thursday, January 20, on a visit to the city of Olhão, accompanied by other candidates and activists, to, among various actions, contact users of the Health Center.

According to the coalition, the CDU confirmed, with users, “the consequences of decades of disinvestment, dismantling and disorganization of the National Health Service (SNS), which led to the degradation of the service and limited the ability to respond to users”.

The "serious situation in which the SNS finds itself, namely the lack of professionals, the increase in the number of users without a family doctor, the delay and worsening of waiting lists for consultations, exams, treatments and surgeries, jeopardize the health of from the Algarve. And in the municipality of Olhão alone there are more than 5.300 users without a family doctor».

As Catarina Marques highlighted, «given the problems and difficulties felt, an intervention was demanded that the PS government did not want to give. In the Algarve and in the country, it is necessary to break with this path and make an alternative political option, to improve public services and, specifically, the SNS».

In the action that the CDU promoted in Olhão, the candidates defended solutions for the SNS. «It is necessary and urgent to establish and increase the number of health professionals in the SNS and to guarantee incentives for the establishment of doctors in deprived areas and to institute the option of exclusive dedication of doctors and nurses, with an increase of 50% of their basic remuneration and the addition of 25% in the counting of the time of service for progression».