Albufeira opens applications for community gardens

Community gardens will be at Quinta de Alpouvar, located close to the Albufeira Camping Park

Applications for the community gardens at Quinta de Alpouvar, located near the Albufeira Campsite, are open until the end of October.

Each plot of the garden will have 50 meters of land, having been reserved by the municipality two thousand square meters, which makes up 40 spaces.

The plots are intended for «all those who, living in an urban environment, and having no land, want to cultivate their own vegetables, vegetables, cereals, aromatic or medicinal herbs, or others, thus allowing them to consume healthy foods. , cultivated by you, and thus supporting your family budget», says the municipality.

The products resulting from the cultivation will be for their own consumption and the producers will be provided with water, a place to store the tools and a composter that should be shared among the gardeners.

Upon receiving the plot of land, farmers will also receive technical support and training actions in biological agriculture. In this way, conflicts in cultivation methodologies between organic and traditional agriculture are avoided.

The technical follow-up will involve “teaching the soil preparation, sowing/seed bed preparation, weed control and pest control methods, crop rotations, intercropping, as well as on the composting and agricultural use of compounds', explains the municipality.

Another role associated with agricultural activity in community gardens is related to «its also playful, recreational and therapeutic nature, which enhances the spirit of community and sharing among the gardeners».

The delivery of plots will be on a precarious basis and obeys rules defined in its own regulation. For this purpose, a Usage Agreement will be signed between the municipality and the future gardener.

Interested parties should read the regulations for community gardens in Albufeira, available here, and in case of doubt, contact us by calling 289 599 540.

The application form and the draft of the User Agreement are available in the annexes of the referred regulation, and the applications must be sent to the e-mail, or delivered to the Town Hall, at the Municipal Support office.