F Nights and Açoteia «on hold» due to the pandemic

camera of Faro "does not want to give contradictory signals to the population"

Flávio Costa|Archive Photo

The holding of the “F Nights” and the “Açoteia” festival (in a different format) is “on hold”. The Chamber of Faro is “waiting a bit” before taking a definitive decision regarding the holding of these events due to the epidemiological situation in the county.

For now, Faro remains on the list of very high risk councils and "we do not want to give contradictory signals to the population", said Paulo Santos, vice president of the municipality, to the Sul Informação.

In this sense, he revealed, this Monday there was a meeting that had this topic on the table and the decision was to "wait a while to take a definitive decision", which should be known next week.

Although the Chamber of Faro "wanting a lot of progress with the realization of these events, we are having a lot of consideration", because "things are not famous" with regard to the pandemic.

According to Paulo Santos, "we had a plan drawn up for the summer events, but we have, in a way, to postpone the decision."

In any case, explains the official, «when we mark these events, it will always be in a symbolic way, either at Açoteia or the moment to mark the F Festival».

This moment, if held, will be in a format similar to "F Nights", as last year, when the concerts took place, at Largo da Sé, with ample seating.

The difference will be, according to Paulo Santos, in the inclusion of «Southmusic bands, since, now, in all events, we will have this aspect».

In the case of Açoteia, «there is an added responsibility» in carrying it out, «because we lead a European application, within the scope of the European Creative Rooftop Network, and the partner cities are organizing these events».

Even so, guarantees Paulo Santos, «we will only hold events if they are an asset for the region. If not, it's not worth it,” he concluded.