Loulé regrets that deserted competitions are delaying works

Situation has happened in various parts of the country

The Municipality of Loulé says that the lack of responses in public tenders, which have been deserted, are preventing the start and completion of "some important projects". 

From the vast list of works, the Chamber elects the Pavilhão Desportivo Multiusos, in Quarteira, next to Escola D. Dinis, as «the most symptomatic case». 

In September last year, the municipality had already launched an international public tender for the construction of the infrastructure, but there was no proposal within the base price presented. In July of this year, in an attempt to bring the work to fruition, a new tender was launched worth around 7 million euros.

Only, once again, there was no proposal.

Also in Almancil, the Municipality of Loulé intends to build a “Multipurpose Sports Pavilion” to promote sporting and recreational activities, among other sectors, providing a socioeconomic increase in this parish.

However, after the launch of the public tender in April this year, with a base price of around 10 million euros. There were, however, no proposals, so it was necessary to open a new procedure, this time with a tendering value of around 13 million, «the submission of candidate companies is currently awaited».

This is a case that has happened in several parts of the country, including in the Algarve – Faro it is also an example. In 2019, on a national scale, the rate of contracts not awarded, in the context of public tenders for works, reached the value of 41%.

In the municipality of Loulé, between 2018 and 2019, there were a total of 18 contracts not awarded through a single tender: “Improvement, Expansion, Repair and Improvements in the Municipality's Schools – Schools of the São Pedro do Mar Grouping”/ “Enlargement do Cemitério de Almancil – Completion Contract” / “Improvement, expansion, repair and improvements in the Municipality's Schools – Schools of the Padre João Coelho Cabanita Group” / “Improvement, Expansion, Repair and Improvement in the Municipality's Schools – EB2/3 S. Pedro do Mar" / "Rehabilitation and Stabilization of the slope of Cerro da Galvana in Alte" / "Requalification of the EB 2,3 D. Dinis School in Quarteira and Multipurpose Sports Pavilion in Quarteira" / "Streets in Alte - Construction of a supporting wall on Avenida 25 de Abril” / “Broadening of the Bridge over the Ribeira de Algibre on the EM 524” / “Intervention on the Exterior of the Building – Municipal Archive” / “Intervention to Rebuild the Foundations of the Austral Building, in Quarteira – L oulé" / "Covering of a building located at Praça da Republica n.º 59 to n.º 67, Parish of S. Clemente" / "Repair work on the athletics track of the Municipal Stadium of Quarteira" / "Improvement, Expansion, Repair and Improvements in Municipal Schools – Child Education Center in Alte” / “Streets in Boliqueime – Reinforcement of the Retaining Wall in Alfontes, Boliqueime” / “Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles in Various Locations in the Municipality of Loulé” / “Recovery and Maintenance of Municipal Sports Buildings and Equipment – ​​Rehabilitation of the Reinforced Concrete Structure of the Benches of the Municipal Stadium of Loulé” / “Multipurpose Sports Pavilion in Almancil” / “Rehabilitation of Rua Dr. João Batista Ramos Faísca”, in Boliqueime.

According to the Municipality of Loulé, «some of these contracts are currently in the procedure for a new tender and others have, in the meantime, been awarded, still maintaining an amount of 14,3 million euros in works with empty tenders for lack of competitors'.

"The lack of labor, especially in a region where property rental prices are quite high, and the absence of sufficient companies to meet the country's investment needs in the construction sector, which has been clearly recovering since 2017, will be decisive factors for this scenario that so harms the municipality of Loulé», he justifies.

The municipal officials say they felt the «obligation to, in time, inform all citizens of this situation, stressing the obstacle to the materialization of projects considered to be structuring for the development of the municipality or for the execution of fundamental works for the quality of life of the populations'.

However, "they reaffirm the determination to carry out, albeit with delay, all those works that were left with deserted competitions."