Support for maternity in Albufeira through educational sessions and physical activity

Activities of the “Mamis” maternity support program start on December 2nd

Pregnant women, new mothers and babies in Albufeira will have access to adapted physical activity, combined with educational sessions, as of December 2, as part of the Municipality's Maternity Support Program.

This initiative, called “Mamis”, brings together sessions related to motherhood, physical activity, meditation, yoga and baby sensory.

The activities take place at Espaço Integrar, in the Parque Lúdico de Albufeira. For more information and registration, contact 289 599 690 or email [email protected].

As for the educational sessions, they will be on “Occupation during pregnancy”, “Meditation on pregnancy”, “All babies cry”, “Baby's sensory world”, “Occupation of the baby from 3 to 6 months / from 6 to 9 months and from 9 to 12 months”.

Regular physical activity sessions include fitBall and yoga for pregnant women and fitBall and yoga for moms and babies.
All this to "create the necessary conditions for a healthy pregnancy and a quick postpartum recovery".

The initiatives are driven by an Occupational Therapist with additional training in the Preparation Course for Parenthood and Fitball and by a Sociologist with additional training in Yoga. Practical sessions take place twice a week, while educational sessions take place three times during pregnancy and four times postpartum.

to Ana Pifaro, deputy mayor of Albufeira Council and responsible for the Family and Health department, this program «implies a paradigm shift. It is not just about intervening with assistance approaches, in terms of social or economic support, but also through the use of methodologies that promote the development of parenting skills, contributing to the well-being of individuals and families».

This is a program that is part of the prevention of possible dysfunctions that occur during pregnancy and in the postpartum period and that «aimed at preparing the woman for these changes, monitoring the appearance of typical dysfunctions and minimizing their effects, namely low back pain , edema of the lower limbs, changes in balance, as well as states of sadness and exhaustion that occur in the postpartum period».