Lagoa began replacing another pipeline to reduce water losses

The work is the responsibility of Lagoa City Council

Work has already begun to replace another of the main water distribution pipelines in the municipality, this time the Cerca da Lapa-Moinhos–Vale de Milho pipeline, in an investment of around 1,2 million euros, in an intervention with more than five kilometers long.

The work is the responsibility of the Lagoa City Council, which is implementing «structural measures to respond to water savings and the renewal of the municipality's water supply network».

After replacing another important pipeline, the Lagoa-Estômbar-Calvário, which started a week ago, this new intervention is now appearing which, according to the municipality, “will greatly contribute to reducing water losses”.

This intervention is part of the 1st phase of reformulation and optimization of the municipality's pipeline system, foreseen in the Tactical Plan for the Asset Management of Infrastructures of the Municipality of Lagoa, such as the replacement of the pipeline between Lagoa-Estômbar-Calvário and the installation work of Measurement and Control Zones (ZMC) that are underway in the Praia do Carvoeiro area.

Lagoa City Council also announced that, in a few days, the replacement of the Cerca da Lapa-Sesmarias pipeline will begin.

The investment by the Municipality of Lagoa, in terms of water, already exceeds 5 million euros and will renew more than 15 kilometers of the municipality's water supply network.

«These are large investments in works that are barely visible, but which are preparing the municipality for the future, making it more resilient to climate change through efficient management of environmental resources, especially water and energy», highlights the municipality.

Specifically, the renewal of water supply networks “will make it possible to achieve several objectives, such as reducing the number of incidents due to supply failures; reduce the volume of real and apparent water losses; reduce the volume of water imported by the system and improve the municipality's performance in all system evaluation indicators».

«These interventions have been prepared for more than two years and are structuring interventions that will allow the municipality to provide a determined response to the problems of water shortages, avoiding asking for more effort from the population», stated Luís Encarnação, president of Lagoa City Council .