The water pipeline between Lagoa, Estômbar and Calvário has already started to be replaced

One of the main objectives is to reduce ruptures and water losses in one of the most important pipelines in the municipality.

The work to replace one of the main water distribution pipelines in the municipality of Lagoa, the Lagoa-Estômbar-Calvário pipeline, has already begun, announced the Lagoa Chamber, responsible for the intervention. This is an investment of around 650 thousand euros, in an intervention that takes around eight months to complete.

The objective of this work is «to improve the distribution system, reduce maintenance problems, namely reducing ruptures and water losses, as well as reducing energy costs, making the operation of the hydraulic system much more efficient».

Thus, this intervention, measuring around 5,2 kilometers, «in addition to replacing the old and degraded pipeline, will renew around 80 branches and will also allow the correction of the distribution network in terms of quotas, since there is no it makes sense for the Palmeirinha reservoir, which is at elevation 80, to supply the Estômbar Apoiado reservoir, at elevation 18, which, in turn, pumps to the Estômbar Elevado reservoir, at elevation 57, when both could be supplied by gravity», he explains the municipality.

This work is carried out within the scope of the 1st phase of the reformulation and optimization of the pipeline system in the municipality of Lagoa, where, in addition to the replacement of the Lagoa-Estômbar-Calvário pipeline, the replacement of two more of the main pipelines in the municipality of Lagoa, Cerca da Lapa-Sesmarias and Cerca da Lapa-Moinhos/Vale de Milho.

With the replacement of these three pipelines, the Municipality of Lagoa will invest another approximately 3 million in the municipality's water supply network.

In parallel, work is underway across the municipality to implement another 47 ZMC, which includes 7 Controlled Pressure Zones (ZPC), worth 1,7 million euros, in an investment fully financed by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR).

“This intervention is essential for us to continue reducing water losses in the municipality and to provide a quality service to the population. Interventions like this have a high cost and little visibility, but they are extremely important”, considered Luís Encarnação, president of Lagoa City Council.