Infralobo and Vale do Lobo promote tree planting in the burned area

On March 21st, between 10am and 00:12pm

Infralobo and Vale do Lobo will promote, on the 21st of March, between 10 am and 00:12 pm, a tree planting action in the area burned during the summer 2022 fires. 

According to Infralobo, the area to be planted is 8 thousand square meters and the trees to be planted will total 185 (approximately).

«This symbolic gesture of renewal and hope highlights our ongoing commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability. Furthermore, we will have the honor of having the special participation of some EXISTIR students, who will join us in this act of planting, reinforcing the community spirit and commitment to the future of our planet», says this municipal company.

The initiative also takes place as part of the celebration of World Tree Day and International Day of Forests.