Miguel Pinto Luz/AD: “we need to reconcile Tourism with the Algarve”

Tourism must “generate wealth for fair redistribution

“Tourism has the solution to return the Algarve to the Algarve”, defended Miguel Pinto Luz, head of the list of the Democratic Alliance (AD), in the presentation of the candidate list and its program for the Algarve region, which took place on Thursday , on the 8th, at the Algarve Regional Museum, in Faro.

The session, with a full room, had around 300 supporters who attended to hear Miguel Pinto Luz present the names of those who accompany him and establish the main guidelines that AD defends for the Algarve.

And there are four main priorities: “the main issue of water”; health that is “in rupture”; mobility and transport “that don’t exist”; and housing “which is not enough for everyone”. The challenge is, summarizes the candidate, “to do what, in eight years, the PS was not able to do”.

For the candidate, the objective is to reconcile tourism with the Algarve, since “this sector has to generate wealth for a fair redistribution. With more than 20 million overnight stays per year, the leading region in Portugal, it is understood that it is time for the 16 municipalities to join hands”.

Miguel Pinto Luz proposes defining a tourist tax in line with other national and international examples, which guarantees revenue of at least 40 million euros per year.

Half of this revenue (20 million) would be allocated to promotion, attracting major events and training the tourism sector.

But the remaining half would be applied to three programs that “serve the Algarve and also the tourist sector”.

One of them would be the creation of “24/7 telemedicine consultations (FGM and pediatrics) for all our citizens. I repeat, everyone! Take the health problem into our hands and not wait for Lisbon. Relieve emergencies, guarantee the first consultation just a phone call away.”

The second program would involve the creation of a “regional transport pass. As Lisbon has it, we also want it and we don’t depend on Lisbon to do it”.

The third will be “support for housing, from conception, projects, provision of public land and procedural streamlining”.

“The appeal is: let's not cross our arms, join hands and reconcile tourism with the Algarve. It will be tourism, the 16 municipalities and those who visit them that will help the Algarve to be more inclusive, cohesive and fair”, the AD leader also highlighted.

The session began with interventions by the President of the Chamber of Faro, Rogério Bacalhau, the representative of the CDS-PP, Isilda Guerreiro, the president of the PSD-Algarve, Cristóvão Norte, the president of the AD honor committee, José Macário Correia, and also the representative of the candidacy, José Mendes Bota.

The campaign director is Henrique Gomes, who was responsible for presenting the candidates.