Full house to watch the memories of the “forger” Margarida Tengarrinha

Catarina Requeijo gave shape to this theatrical adaptation, directed by Joaquim Horta, based on the book of the same name “Memórias de uma Falsificadora”

Photo: José Gameiro

There was not a single vacant seat to watch, late yesterday afternoon, the performance of the play “Memórias de uma Falsificadora”, which recalls the life of Margarida Tengarrinha (1928-2023), in the Portimão Museum Auditorium.

The presentation of the piece was an initiative of the Group of Friends of the Portimão Museum, of which Margarida Tengarrinha was a founding partner and member of the governing bodies.

Gisela Lima, responsible for organizing a memorable evening, told Sul Informação that «all 170 seats in the Museum auditorium were sold out».

«There was a demand for tickets from all over the Algarve, it would be enough for another show», he added.

Establishing a great proximity to the audience (in such a way that many didn't even realize that the play had started, when it started...), actress Catarina Requeijo, alone on stage, gave shape to the various women that Margarida Tengarrinha had to be, during his long years of life in hiding (1954-1974).

In a bare scenario, the evoke the hard life of the anti-fascist resister, using just a few objects from a difficult everyday life, Catarina Requeijo relives the work of Margarida Tengarrinha as a forger of documents for her comrades, like her fighters against the dictatorship, the constant change of home and identity, the death of her companion – José Dias Coelho – murdered by PIDE, the separation from her daughters, the isolation from family and friends, the lonely life of women in hiding.

At the end of the play, there were few who did not have tears in their eyes and their voices choked with emotion. Especially because many of those who completely filled the auditorium of the Portimão Museum were friends or actually knew Margarida Tengarrinha.

This emotion came through in the final words, as after the curtain came down, given by Daniel Cartucho, president of the Friends of the Museum, by Damião Sequeira, by José Gameiro and by Isilda Gomes.

The presentation of this theatrical adaptation, staged by Joaquim Horta, from the book of the same name by Margarida Tengarrinha “Memoirs of a Forger”, marked the beginning of the celebrations, by the Group of Friends of the Portimão Museum (GAMP), of the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April, integrating it into the municipality's general program.

This GAMP initiative had the support of the Portimão Museum, the Parish Council and the Portimão City Council.


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