A guided tour of the “Roots” by Margarida Tengarrinha [video]

Margarida Tengarrinha guided the Sul Informação for its "last exhibition"


Drawings, engravings, oil painting, by her and one about her. This is how the exhibition «Raízes», by Margarida Tengarrinha, can be seen in the atrium of the Portimão Museum, until the 3rd of July.

O Sul Informação spoke with the plastic artist, anti-fascist fighter and former leader and deputy of the PCP about this initiative, which Margarida Tengarrinha, 94, says is her “last exhibition”.

It is an interview in which the author talks about her works, but also about episodes from the beginning of her life linked to the arts, some of them unknown to the general public. A true guided tour of her "Roots".