Margarida Tengarrinha: A Destiny Made of Fight [video interview]

It is the story of a long and full life that is told in this interview.


«Margarida Tengarrinha: a Destiny made of Struggle» is the title of this in-depth interview, the first of a series with prominent figures in the history of the Algarve that Sul Informação now start publishing.

Margarida Tengarrinha, born in Portimão, on May 7, 1928, exchanged the security of her bourgeois family for life in hiding, putting her artistic vocation at the service of the fight against the Salazar dictatorship.

This one, which Margarida Tengarrinha says that «will most likely be my last interview», begins in the exhibition «Raízes», with drawings of her own, which has been on display at the Portimão Museum since April 2022, and then travels through 94 years of a life well lived.

Follow us in this conversation, in which many of the great events in the country and in the world are reviewed, since the 50s of the last century.