Cristóvão Norte is 2nd on the list and says that AD is “united” to win Legislatures

As had already been made public, the list is headed by Lisbon resident Miguel Pinto Luz, vice-president of the Cascais Chamber

Cristóvão Norte, president of the PSD/Algarve, is number two on the list of candidates for deputy of the Democratic Alliance (AD) for the Algarve at the Legislatures on March 10. Ofélia Ramos, current deputy, and Cristiano Cabrita, vice-president of the Chamber of Albufeira, are in an eligible place, while Rui Cristina is only in 5th. 

Questioned by Sul Informação Regarding whether he was expecting to come second on the list, Cristóvão Norte replied that what he wants is for «the AD to win the elections». “I am at the service of the party,” he added.

As had already been made public, the list is headed by Lisbon native Miguel Pinto Luz, vice-president of the Cascais Chamber.

The choice did not go down well within the PSD councils who wrote a letter to be sent to Luís Montenegro, president of the PSD, to contest the decision, calling into question the lack of connections from Pinto Luz to the Algarve.

According to Cristóvão Norte, the letter ended up “not being sent”. “Through my investigations, this is what I found out.”

It is certain that Cristóvão Norte was the councilors' choice, but, despite not being head of the list, he appears in second place, and should be elected deputy... unlike what happened in the last Legislatures, when he was not even part of the lists.

In the opinion of the leader of the Algarve Social Democrats, the lists “are always the subject of contrasting opinions”.

«There is always someone with a different understanding. Regardless of everyone's opinion, we are all united by the purpose of winning the elections,” he said.

In 2022, the president of the PSD/Algarve was excluded from the lists by the then leader Rui Rio, despite having been chosen, by the District, to lead the candidacy.

At the time, Rui Rio carried out a national clean-up, excluding several supporters of Paulo Rangel (including district leaders) who had been his rival in the candidacy for PSD leader.

In the list now defined by Luís Montenegro, Ofélia Ramos, current deputy and former director of Social Security in the Algarve, is in 3rd place, followed by Cristiano Cabrita (4th), vice-president of the Albufeira Chamber.

Rui Cristina follows, in 5th, in a place that will hardly allow him to be elected deputy again – in the last elections, he had been number 2, just behind the then head of the list Luís Gomes.

Alexandra Evangelista is in 6th place and 7th will be occupied by a name from CDS/PP. Another curiosity is the fact that Dinis Faísca, current deputy replacing Luís Gomes, who resigned, appears only as a substitute.



Complete list of PSD by Algarve:

1st- Miguel Pinto Luz

2nd- Cristóvão Norte

3rd – Ophelia Ramos

4th- Cristiano Cabrita

5- Rui Cristina

6th- Alexandra Evangelista

7th- CDS/PP

8th- Artur Gomes

9th- Soraia Almeida


1st – Carlos Quintino

2th- Dinis Spark

3th- CDS/PP

4th- Joaquim Cabrita

5th- Sílvia Neves

6th- Carlos Ludovico

7th- Ricardo Pinto

8th- Milvia Gonçalves

9th – Anabela Lance



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