Algarve PSD activists unhappy with the choice of Pinto Luz instead of Cristóvão Norte

Miguel Pinto Luz was announced yesterday as head of the AD list for the Algarve

They say they are surprised, “deeply” disappointed and still hope to see Cristóvão Norte be the head of the list of the Democratic Alliance (AD) for the Algarve. The choice of Miguel Pinto Luz It did not go down well within the PSD councils and there is already a proposal for a letter of displeasure, which the Sul Informação had access, addressed to national leader Luís Montenegro. 

In this letter, the opponents reveal that Cristóvão Norte was chosen «unanimously by all the Political Commissions of the Algarve, due to his capacity and exemplary work in favor of the region over more than two decades».

«The decision contrary to the will expressed by local structures surprises and deeply disappoints us», reads the proposed letter, which our newspaper had access to and which should be sent tomorrow, after tonight's PSD National Council , where the lists of deputies will be made official.

Despite recognizing that, «statutorily, the decision is legitimate», the 16 councils consider it «unacceptable to choose a candidate without residence or effective connection to the region».

«This choice has generated great discontent among PSD members in the Algarve, expressed through numerous complaints and even threats of disaffiliation from the party», reveals the letter.

The opponents even appeal to Luís Montenegro to reconsider «this position, taking into account the unanimous will of local structures and the importance of effective representation and committed to the region».

Miguel Pinto Luz was announced yesterday as head of the AD list for the Algarve. The vice-president of the Cascais Chamber was even a candidate for president of the PSD in 2020.

In an interview with CNN this morning, Pinto Luz spoke about the connections that connect him to the Algarve, family, through a paternal grandfather, and professionals, through working in the tourism sector.


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