students of Faro already participate in the “Journey for the Climate” project

The action is developed within the scope of Cooler World, a movement created by Get2C

Students from Schools EB2,3 Afonso III, EB2,3 de Santo António and EB2,3 Poeta Emiliano da Costa, in the municipality of Faro, are participating in the Mini COP, part of the “Journey for the Climate” project. 

The action is developed within the scope of Cooler World, a movement created by Get2C with the aim of informing and inspiring the population towards Carbon Neutrality and a more sustainable life.

This idea of ​​holding the Mini COP has as its first objective to involve young 9th grade students, through school dynamics, in initiatives that lead them to identify sustainable ideas to change their Municipality.

The teams, made up of between three and five members and a responsible teacher, must present two types of idea proposals: one that is intended to be applied at municipal level and the other at national level.

The ideas presented must address some themes defined by the organization and result in the application of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Some of the themes are circular economy, water, energy, ocean protection, mobility, waste and biodiversity.

The school participation phase began on September 11th and runs until October 23rd, when the most voted and winning ideas from each school will be communicated. This process will imply that, between October 17th and 22nd, a link will be published to vote on ideas.

From October 24th until November 15th, the phase will take place in the municipalities, with teams selected by school being required to make a video (max. 2min) by November 3rd, explaining and identifying the advantages of your idea, a video that must be sent to Get2C.

From the 7th to the 14th of November there will be a new link to vote on the videos and on the 15th of November the winning idea from each municipality will be announced, with a prize being awarded.

«At this stage, ideas that correspond to municipal realities will not proceed to the next phase, leaving the decision on financing (or not), intended for their implementation, under the exclusive responsibility of the City Council», explains the Municipality of Faro.

The teams with the winning national ideas will represent their Municipality in the national phase, in an event that will take place at the Assembly of the Republic, on November 22nd, during which each team will defend their proposals with the Minister of the Environment.

Those in the top three places will receive prizes, and their projects may be implemented by the Government.

Furthermore, at that moment, the winning team of the “Journey for the Climate” game, that is, the one that, after traveling the country from North to South, for 10 days, in the most sustainable way possible and with the greatest positive impact on communities, achieve a higher final balance of the fictitious currency – called “Climate” –, making the most sustainable options for transport, food, accommodation, etc., will receive the possibility of participating in the United Nations (UN) Conference on Climate Change – COP28, in Dubai, which takes place from November 30th to December 12th this year.

The winning team is already known: it is Team Earth.

The route ended on the 27th of September and named Bernardo Neves, from Lisbon, Francisca Costa, from Braga, Mariana Gomes, from Porto, and Diogo Mendes, from Beja, as the group that covered the itinerary from North to South of Portugal, in the same way as sustainable as possible.



We remind you that the Municipality of Faro is one of seven who got involved in this initiative, which aims to raise awareness among the entire population towards active citizenship regarding these issues.

The technicians from the City Council of Faro (CMF) will receive training and, at the end of the project, the municipality must sign a letter of commitment “Journey for the Climate”, which will contain measures leading to Carbon Neutrality.