UAlg Faculty of Medicine receives European Surgical Emergency Course

This is the second edition of the course in Portugal, but the first to be held in the Algarve

Clinical Simulation Center

The first edition in the Algarve of the European Surgical Emergency Course will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of October, at the Clinical Simulation Center of the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the University of Algarve, on the Gambelas Campus, in Faro.

This course is scientifically sponsored by the European Society of Trauma and Surgical Emergency and also by the American Association of Trauma Surgery, with the organizational support of the Hospital Particular do Algarve.

It will welcome international participants and a range of ten trainers, both national and international, who will be coordinated by doctor Carlos Mesquita, president of the Lusitanian Association of Trauma and Surgical Emergency (ALTEC).

The course is aimed at emergency surgical education for non-traumatic causes and involves theoretical sessions and discussion of clinical cases, which help with diagnostic accuracy and clinical decision-making in the context of emergency practice.

Some of the conditions that will be the target of this technical-scientific approach include abdominal sepsis, intestinal obstruction, mesenteric ischemia, pancreatitis, acute cholecystitis, hemoperitoneum, among others.