DiVaM has cinema, poetry and guided tour at the end of July

Initiatives in Milreu and Sagres

Photo: Arlindo Man

Cinema, poetry and a guided tour. The program of DiVaM – Promotion and Enhancement of Monuments continues with many proposals, at the end of July, at the Fortress of Sagres and Roman Ruins of Milreu (Estoi). 

The Fortress of Sagres will host the third session of the film cycle “Libertar a Memória”, promoted by the Cineclube de Faro, on Saturday, July 22nd, at 17:30 pm.

This session is curated by Luca Argel, who selected the films: “Babás” (2010, Brazil, DOC, 20 min), by Consuelo Lins, and “What time does she come back?” (2015, Brazil, Drama, 1h47) by Anna Muylaert.

«It is still not difficult to identify, in Brazil today, in 2023, many unequivocal signs of the legacy of slavery, and how its effects are still far from having been overcome. Undoubtedly, the professional category of domestic servants is the one in which the persistence of these effects is most clearly seen. The two films show how the working conditions of this category remained practically unchanged, even after the abolition”, says the musician Luca Argel.

«In the documentary short “Babas”, the parallels between past and present are mapped, and in the fiction feature “Que Horas Ela Volta?” It follows the lives of two characters who could well be real, and whose lives are deeply marked by this past-present continuity, and how hard it is to try to break a cycle of naturalization of exploitation that has stretched for centuries even within the same family, even between mother and daughter», he adds.

The “Freeing Memory” cycle explores issues such as (de)colonization, slavery, social segregation, places and identities, in a plurality of perspectives and visions. The guest curators, although with different personal and professional paths, have in common the direct or family origin of territories affected by colonization and are linked together by the study, thought, culture and action in themes of memory and post-colonialism and its consequences still gifts. The project is artistically coordinated and curated by Luísa Baptista and technically produced by Pedro Mesquita.

To complement the exhibitions, some publications will be available with literary curatorship by Marta Tecla and the Buala project.

Admission is free, subject to prior registration to the email [email protected].

The Roman Ruins of Milreu will receive, on the 23rd of July, Sunday at 10:00 am, a “steering wheel” lecture entitled “Milreu: Looking at the invisible”, in the form of a guided tour, by João Pedro Bernardes (professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences and of the University of Algarve), revealing “almost invisible” aspects of this heritage site. For more information and reservations: [email protected].

On the same day, also at Ruínas de Milreu, but at 11:00 am, “Poesias (un)comfortáveis” will be presented by ARCA – Associação Recreativa e Cultural do Algarve.

One of the main objectives of this show is to show the close connections that exist between the various cultures, the way they lived in different periods of our History and how the poets represented the (dis)comfort of Man.

The project includes music and poems by timeless authors, such as: Catulo, Horácio, Virgílio, Al-Mu'tamid, Camilo Pessanha, Camões, Jorge de Sena, Fernando Pessoa, among others.

The artistic direction is by Fernando Guerreiro and the music by Albano Neto. The project is carried out in partnership with ACREMS – Associação Cultural Recreativa Escola de Música Sambrazense – Banda Filarmónica de São Brás.

For more information and reservations: [email protected].