Louletano Esportes Clube celebrates its 100th anniversary and «is doing well and is recommended»

«It is 100 years that mark the passage and formation of many athletes of the club and that is a source of pride, of course», says the president of Louletano to the Sul Informação

«Louletano is doing well and is recommended». It is with these words that António do Adro (Tony do Adro), president of the club for 20 years, marks the 100th anniversary of Louletano Sports Club, which is celebrated today, June 6th. 

«It is 100 years that mark the passage and formation of many athletes of the club and that is a source of pride, of course», says the president to the Sul Informação, reinforcing that Louletano has always stood out at national and international level in the most varied sports.

Cycling, triathlon, martial arts, football, futsal, gymnastics, powerlifting and swimming: there are almost a dozen modalities that currently unite thousands of athletes, who complete, year after year, the history of the club.

Tony do Adro took over the presidency of this centennial club in 2003 and admits that, over the last few years, it was necessary to «overcome many challenges», but that everything was achieved thanks to the work of a «great team».

«I show my face, but Louletano has a very large team working and doing the best every year for the love of the shirt», he stresses to our newspaper, assuming that this is what makes the club always remain firm.


Photo: Facebook Tony do Adro


In the year in which Louletano Sports Club becomes centenary, Tony do Adro also highlights the fact that the Football team was crowned champion of the Algarve, won the Algarve Cup and managed to return to the Portuguese Championship.

«Last year we had a setback, but Louletano has to be in the Nationals and what we want is to bet on the promotion as early as next season», stresses the president, reinforcing that this is one of the great future challenges.

As for the other sports, he reinforces that the club is working to always give its best, also returning this year to run around Portugal on a bicycle.

This Tuesday, Loulé City Council congratulated the club and its directors, coaches, athletes, employees and members on this date.

«He is a living force in our community, an example of the associative dynamics of this territory, which has contributed to a great extent for Loulé to be today also a reference in the area of ​​sport, known throughout the country and across borders, thanks to the assiduous presence of its athletes in the most important national and international competitions, with many titles won», said the municipality.


O Louletano Sports Club was founded on June 6, 1923 and was born from a merger of two associations dedicated to sports and social practice in the then town of Loulé.

The goal of the club's founders – led by Frutuoso da Silva, the first president of the board of directors of Louletano Sports Club – was the practice of football and social activities, namely indoor games and dances.

Over the years, a modality has emerged as the ex-libris of the Club: Cycling. Names like Joaquim Apolo, Valério Clara “Chocolateira”, Tenazinha and others, went down in the history of Louletano and Loulé for feats then considered almost heroic and for the popular fervor in events such as the Volta a Portugal.

With the 25th of April, the number of sports and social activities of the club increased, constituting youth football and basketball teams, chess, athletics, among others.

In the 1976/77 season, the Under-2 Football team competed in the final of the National Championship, becoming runner-up against FC Porto (0-XNUMX defeat), «one of the greatest achievements in the history of the LDC», according to the County.

At that time, Louletano also practiced Handball, Senior Football (up to the 3rd National Division), Athletics, Rugby and Chess.

In the mid-eighties, the Club had «a meteoric rise»: Louletano became the first club south of the Tagus to win a Tour of Portugal in Bicycle, either individually (Cayn Theakston, in 1988), or by teams (1987); the Gymnastics and Swimming departments were created and the focus on training levels is reinforced.


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