European Archeology Days marked in Silves with guided tours

European Archeology Days is an event organized by around fifty European countries

The Municipality of Silves will mark the European Archeology Days (JEA), from 16 to 18 June, with a commemorative program that includes guided visits to «places of relevant archaeological interest in the county».

The first day of events, June 16, opens with the activity “The Heart of the Museum”, with sessions at 10 am and 00 pm, at the Municipal Museum of Archeology in Silves and «aims to make known the reserve of materials in the museum – whether them ceramics, metals, lithics, among others – in a controlled and protected environment, in order to enrich the knowledge of what is the technical work oriented towards the exhibition and dissemination of knowledge that begins in an archaeological excavation and ends in a showcase», explains the municipality.

With sessions at 10:00 am and 17:00 pm, the Open Day in Bairro do Progresso is the name of the accompanied visit that will take place on the 17th of June. Sharing with the public the environment of the archaeological excavation carried out in Bairro do Progresso, as well as the new discoveries of medieval Islamic archeology existing in the city of Silves are the main objectives of this activity.

The sessions take place outdoors, in the Bairro do Progresso excavation, where you can observe the sequence of work corresponding to an archaeological excavation, with participants invited to see the various tasks inherent to the profession, including excavation work, recording graphic and photographic.

The JEA celebrations culminate with a tour of the Amorosa-Pedreirinha Archaeological Circuit, on the 18th of June, at 10:00 am, with a visit to the two High Medieval necropolises, with tombs excavated in the rock, the ruins of a megalithic monument and the site of Monte Rosso.

Participation is free of charge but subject to prior registration by calling 282 440 854 or by sending an email to

In a note, the Municipality of Silves recalls that the European Archeology Days are an event organized by around fifty European countries and take place annually on the third weekend of June.

The event aims to "encourage public authorities and players in the various areas linked to archeology to value the archaeological heritage, also aiming to promote the formation of a network of players in the field of archeology in all member countries of the Council of Europe ».