Tó Trips presents third solo album on VRSA

On the 10nd of June at 22:00

The artist Tó Trips goes to the António Aleixo Cultural Centre, in Vila Real de Santo António, on the 10th of June, at 22 pm, to present «Popular Jaguar», his third solo album released this year by Revolve. 

The musician was inspired by the jaguar, an animal that moves in the shadows, to create small instrumental stories in what is his most autobiographical work and the first to be released after Dead Combo.

«Popular Jaguar» is «an album of mysteries, silences and places, where there are geographical references («LA Chet», «Napoli Blue Dreams» or «Nazaré em Câmara Lenta»), allusions to transcendence («O Processo de uma Aparição» or «Deus do Vento») and very concrete everyday situations («Dançar em Frente ao Espelho» or «Amor em Tempos Fodidos»), in a lively mosaic full of lyricism, in a tessitura of painful chords and notes that cut with all that that may sound superficial», says the author.

Tickets cost 8 euros and can be purchased at BOL and at the Centro Cultural António Aleixo, from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 13:00 pm and from 14:00 pm to 18:00 pm, or on the day of the show, from 19:30 pm.

The concert is part of the «Sons de Dentro» cycle, an initiative of the VRSA City Council that is part of the regular programming of the António Aleixo Cultural Centre.

Tó Trips has practically 4 decades of experience dedicated to the guitar, having started his journey in Amen Sacristi, in the middle of the Rock Rendez-Vous era, later passing through Santa Maria, Gasolina em Teu Ventre. In the 90's he created Lulu Blind and, years later, he was also one of the founders of Dead Combo.

«Guitarra 66» was his first solo work, in 2009, edited by Mbari, while he expanded his musical language through occasional collaborations and projects such as «Timespine», alongside Adriana Sá and John Klima.

Also through Mbari, in 2015, he released his second solo album, «Makaka Guitar – Dances to an Unknown God», an album recorded with the Resonator guitar, an instrument usually associated with the blues via Bukka White.