“Migration and mobility” is the theme of the 19th Free History of the Algarve Course at UAlg

Applications are open until May 31

“Region in motion: migrations and mobility” is the theme of the 19th edition of the Free History of the Algarve Course, which will take place from the 1st to the 29th of June, at the Gambelas campus of the University of the Algarve.

«Due to its geographical position, the Algarve region has historically benefited from maritime routes and contacts between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, despite the fact that for centuries it has been a somewhat peripheral region and even marginalized by the rest of Portuguese territory», explain the organizers.

«The evolution of communication routes, transport and, more recently, the tourist boom, make the Algarve a region of permanent circulation (of people, goods, ideas...), of great openness to the world and intercultural contact» , they add.

Thus, the 19th edition of the Free Course on the History of the Algarve proposes to address, through various sessions led by various specialists, topics such as migration, the development of communication routes and transport, the relevance of the international airport of Faro, the development and impact of tourism, among others.

The sessions of this course take place in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 18 pm to 20 pm, in amphitheater D of the Gambelas campus, in Faro.

Under normal conditions, the cost of registration is 40 euros. Current students/employees of the University pay 15 euros and former students 20 euros. Registration runs until 31 May.


June 1st – Manuel Tao
Paths and Routes in the Peninsular Southwest. From Antiquity to our days

June 6 – Marcelo Borges
The Algarve and Atlantic migrations – Argentina in the Algarve emigration context

June 13 – João Romero Chagas Aleixo
The Migration of Andalusians to the Algarve, between c. 1810 and 1914

June 15 – Maria do Livramento
Crossing of cultures in the Algarve emigration to Europe during the Estado Novo

June 20th – Joaquim Rodrigues
Industrialists and Foreign Workers and the Promotion of the Fish Canning Industry in the Algarve

June 22 – Aurélio Cabrita
Railways and macadam: transport infrastructure in the Algarve, from Regeneration to the present

June 27 – Artur Barracosa Mendonça
Tourism in the Algarve: main promoters (from the end of the XNUMXth century to the First World War)

June 29 – Amílcar Duarte
Mobility of plant species and agricultural crops. The advantages and risks associated


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